Best Local Murals Around Chicago

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The flourishing artistic community in Chicago is evidenced by the endless number of new pieces of graffiti and street art that are being created each week in the city. Over the last decade, the local community has embraced street art, and it has become an integral part of Chicago's landscape.

Take time to stroll through the streets of the Windy City and learn about some of Chicago's most notable murals, as well as their history and where to find them.

Greetings From Chicago By Victor Ving & Lisa Beggs

Location: 2226 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago

In May 2015, Victor Ving (a former graffiti artist from New York City) and photographer Lisa Beggs painted this Chicago wall mural as part of their The Greetings From Tour: a travel and art project.

The mural took four days to finish, and the street art was almost entirely produced with spray paint.

It became one of the most well-known postcard murals to date, and it has served as a source of pride for Chicago residents as well as a memorable landmark for visitors.

Muddy Waters By Eduardo Kobra

Image from Flickr / Bob Simpson

Location: 17 North State Street, Chicago

In State and Washington, is one of Chicago's most unique murals. The 100-foot art is another product of Beauty & Brawn's partnership with Eduardo Kobra. Muddy Waters, the "Father of Modern Chicago Blues," was honored with a mural painted in Kobra's trademark colorful style during the Big Walls Festival in May of 2016.

From Bloom To Doom By Collin Van Der Sluijs

Image from Flickr / Jay Galvin

Location: 1006 South Michigan Avenue (North Wall), Chicago

A South Loop mural painted by Dutch artist Collin van der Sluijs in 2016. Two endangered Illinois birds, the red-headed woodpecker, and the yellow-headed blackbird are shown in his From Bloom to Doom piece in the Wabash Arts Corridor. They're surrounded by vibrant blooms.

Quincy Jones By Cobre

Image from Flickr / Terence Faircloth

Location: 2226 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago

A mural of Quincy Jones, the legendary musician, songwriter, and producer, appeared in Logan Square last summer. The artwork was painted by Argentinian artist Cobre to honor the multi-talented EGOT winner. On Instagram, the painter expressed his surprise that some younger people "don't know who [Quincy Jones] is".

Vivian Maier By Eduardo Kobra

Image from Flickr / Pete

Location: 1651 West North Avenue, Chicago

This now-iconic 2017 Wicker Park mural portraying a self-portrait of midcentury Chicago-based urban photographer Vivian Maier isn't the newest piece on the list, but it was repaired last year after being vandalized. According to Block Club Chicago, renowned Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra was involved in the restorations.

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