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Illinois Realtor

Weave a great story and watch buyers’ imaginations ignite.

"Tapping into a network of top agents in the city, Rowland uses a “coming soon” approach to pique interest.
“They know they’re not going to see it on Zillow or, and we use our social platforms, corporate website, and personal websites to strike some early interest,” says Rowland, who uses 3D imaging, videos, photos and market statistics to create a public-facing storyline when the property hits the market."

Million Acres

How Property Owners and Managers Can Help Restaurant Tenants Hang On

"As a Realtor and a resident, Jason Rowland wants to see his neighborhood and community succeed, including the restaurants that contribute so much to the character and charm of a place. When COVID-19 left restaurants and other small retailers in a world of hurt, Rowland wanted to step up to do what he could in his Chicagoland market. So the Rowland Group began giving away gift cards each week - either $50 to two people or $100 to one - to support local restaurants and grocers."

Rent Café

3,500+ Sq.Ft. Homes Become the Norm in Chicago

“I think that COVID-19 is impacting the work-from-home space of many households and with that, we will see an emphasis on the home office. I believe we are at the starting gates for the home office to be a real ask for new buyers. All the amenities (low-voltage connectivity, good light, speakers, sound proofing, etc.) that are ideal for a home office will be additions going forward,” Rowland emphasized.

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