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9 Tips for the Perfect Pool Party

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

The temperature’s starting to get warmer, which means most homeowners are also looking for pool party ideas that bring happy hours shared with friends and family. And why not? Everyone deserves a break this Spring Break, and swimming is one of the best ways to do it!

A home pool with lots of sunshine is the first step to any successful pool party, but you’ll still need a host of other elements that can make it a get-together to remember at home, including delicious food and drink, and fabulous poolside decoration, and comfortable seating! And we’re here to help you plan the perfect pool party at home this Spring!

Here are nine tips and suggestions if you’re gathering guests around a hot tub, your rental property has a pool, or you’re entertaining friends in the yard pool.

Do you know how swimming parties can keep spending long hours by the poolside? That said, it’s best to be ready for dusk with solar stake lights for borders and edge paths as part of the pool landscaping. These lights can change the atmosphere for the evening and keep guests safe by marking the boundaries to help them move around safely.

Boost your seating area with some outdoor floor pillows and cushions. However, make sure they’re made from hardwearing fabrics, and look out for those that are water, fade, and stain-resistant for maximum durability and lasting aesthetics.

When at a pool party, it’s easy to lose track of how much time you’ve spent under the sun. As a host, you’ll want to keep everyone protected by maximizing shade with additional patio umbrellas.

Having a shade within reach will remind your guests to keep under cover when the temp rises. You might even want to set up a sunscreen station so guests who are starting to feel the heat can protect themselves.

Never assume that your guests will bring their own towels. It’s best to have a big pile of fresh towels at a convenient spot, so people can get theirs after a dip. White towels are ideal, but you can also use towels in different colors and patterns that complement your pool area theme. Store towels neatly rolled, and provide a tub for used ones to keep the poolside area tidy.

Fresh fruits are cooling and satisfying snacks to serve at a pool party. They’re colorful and delicious, so these fruits will surely brighten the table. It’s also best to put them in vibrant containers for a more personalized touch.

BBQs are always a good idea for your pool party, and with endless barbecue recipes to choose from, you can cook it almost any way you like! That said, go for the simple approach so you can focus on being the best host instead of worrying about overdoing that fine cut of beef!

After a relaxing dip, some delicious barbecues, and refreshing drinks, your guests may feel the need to lounge, so be sure to have the best outdoor furniture you’ll need for a chill-out area that will offer enough space to relax.

Comfy padded seating is ideal for this. Add a parasol to provide a little shade, and put together a mellow playlist of tunes to create a happy and sunny vibe.

No, pool parties are NOT the best time to get your most expensive tableware out of hiding. Paving or decking around a pool is not kind to dropped plates. For durable outdoor dining ideas, go for unbreakable melamine or bamboo plates and bowls in bright colors, and choose napkins to fit the theme of your party.

Indeed, no pool party is complete without a refreshing cocktail to offer guests. Fruity cocktails are a great way to start!

Prepare as much in advance as you can. Chop the fruit beforehand and make up big jugs to store in the refrigerator (where possible) so you’re not having to be a bartender all the time once the party starts. If your pool area includes a bar, you’re ready to go, otherwise set up poolside ready to welcome guests.

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