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Best Tacos in Chicago - 2021

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

As far as Chicago tacos are concerned, the options are seemingly endless. From the classic and authentic to the more experimental, there is something for everyone. No matter what your taco cravings are, we've got you covered, from classic carne asados to trendy birria and vegetarian options.

Check out our list that highlights the most noteworthy taco joints in the city.

Carnitas Uruapan

Location: 1725 W. 18th. St. Chicago, IL 60608

Contact No.: (312) 226-2654

Carnitas Uruapan's slow-cooked pork carnitas, which take more than two hours to cook, are reminiscent of the street food in Uruapan, Mexico. This can be sold by the pound and can be customized with a mix of beans, tortillas, and salsas.

Taqueria Chingón

Location: 2234 N. Western Ave Chicago, IL 60647

Contact No.: (773) 687-9408

This taco joint offers two versions of al pastor, one with traditional marinated pork and the other with marinated Portobello mushroom and celery root as the meat substitute. These are served on corn tortillas made from scratch.

5 Rabanitos

Location: 1758 W. 18th St. Chicago, IL

Contact No.: (312) 285-2710

This BYOB restaurannt's meat-based tacos include radish and onion on top of cilantro-topped carne asada. Those who like their food spicy should try the Ahogado torta, which comes with a fiery arbol chile broth.

Mi Tocaya Antojería

Location: 2800 W. Logan Blvd. Chicago, IL 60647

Contact No.: (872) 315-3947

Mi Tocaya Antojería's campechano, a spicy pork and beef mixture, is a must try. People also line up for its fried oyster taco that features a rich oyster with a tangy salad on top melts in your mouth.

Del Seoul

Location: 2568 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60614

Contact No.: (773) 248-4227

This fusion taqueria combines a Mexican classic with Korean flavors. Its shrimp tacos come with sesame chili aioli as well as cilantro relish and a secret slaw. Kalbi beef, crispy fish, and blackened tofu tacos are also offered.


Location: 1835 West North Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

Contact No.: (773) 289-4991

Taquizo's menu features both regular tacos and quesatacos, which are tacos rolled in crisped melted cheese and fried to a crisp with various filling options, such as suadero, al pastor, and hongos. You can also order margaritas to-go with flavors such as lime, strawberry, and pineapple-guajillo.

ATX Bodega

Location: 2301 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL 60625

Contact No.: (773) 681-0135

Veggie taco is one of the restaurant's fan favorites that is filled with pineapple, onions, mushroom, and peppers. For early risers, have a bite of its breakfast tacos filled with combos of egg, potato, cheese and generous portions of meat.

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