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Moving Tips for Families with Children

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

You've found your ideal home–the ideal location for starting a family. It's a lovely new construction with a large yard, friendly neighbors, nice parks, and excellent schools. You've finished the stress of closing on your new house and selling your old one; now all you have to do is make it through the transition with your children.

Moving to your dream house can soon turn into a nightmare for you and your family due to the packing, hauling, and adjusting to a new environment. Use these tips to make your move go as smoothly as possible while keeping your little campers pleased.

Organize a family meeting. Gather around the dining room table for a casual dinner and plenty of talk after ordering some food. Tell your children that you're pleased about moving because of a promotion or a new job. Justify your decision and how it will affect your entire family. Let them know how you feel about the relocation. Encourage children to share their thoughts and feelings. It may be especially difficult for them if this is their first move because they will be leaving their family home. Share your first-move experience with them. Make them aware that you will be relying on them to assist you with the relocation, from packing to settling in.

If at all feasible, include your children in the process of choosing a new house, especially if they are older. Get feedback from the kids once you've narrowed the options down to two or three houses. Take them to see the houses if you're moving within a reasonable driving distance. Show them images of each home, discuss the areas in detail, and, if possible, take a virtual tour online if you're moving to another city. Inquire about their three favorite aspects of each home. Tell them you'll think about their suggestions before making a final decision. After you've chosen a home, keep them updated on the progress. Have a little celebration once you know you've got the house.

Make it clear to the kids that now is a good time to get rid of the clutter. There are certain to be a number of items in the house that you do not need to take with you to your new home. Invite the kids to assist you in going through the house, room by room, to determine what should go with you and what can be discarded. Tell them you don't want to throw everything away. It's fine to keep certain items that bring back fond memories. Items that are no longer in use, whether they be clothes, toys, or electronics, should be carefully examined for the toss pile. You don't have to throw them out; you can......

Once you've decided what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of, seek the help of your children to plan a moving sale. They can assist you with sorting through your belongings, organizing them, inventorying them, and pricing and tagging them. Inform them that the funds from the sale would be used to help the family in some way. You could even hold a family meeting and vote on what that should be. Maybe it's a puppy, or maybe it's a brand new PS5. Whatever it is, the more committed the children are to the goal, the more willing they will be to assist you with organizing the sale.

It happens to everyone: moving day sneaks upon you, and you find yourself packing boxes and scrubbing floors at a rapid pace while the moving truck is on its way. Start packing and deep cleaning as soon as possible so that your entire family is ready for the big day.

It's not simple to keep boxes orderly, especially when you have a lot of little helpers. For a quick and easy kid-approved organization solution, use colorful stickers or tape to mark each box.

Each room should have a different color of packing tape. For example, red tape can be used on all kitchen boxes, while green tape can be used in the master bedroom. Your children might enjoy assisting you in choosing colors for each space. The master bathroom, guest bathroom, children's rooms, guest room, living room, and laundry room are among the other rooms to consider. If you'll be storing anything in a storage container, choose a different color.

Because your children pick up on your energy, try to maintain a pleasant attitude throughout the moving process. This is especially crucial as you settle into your new house since your children are likely to be anxious. If your kids are dragging their feet to pack and sort, it doesn’t hurt to offer a small reward as motivation. You could offer to let your kids keep any money that they make from selling their old things or pick out a new item for their new room once they get everything packed. Incentives are a clever way to make packing less of a chore for everyone.

You've been at your new home for about a week now. The boxes are slowly but gradually being unpacked, and you and the kids are settling into your new quarters. It's now time to settle into your new neighborhood. Purchase a guidebook for your new city if one is available. Take it along with a calendar and sit down with the kids to arrange some fun trips in the region. Whether you go apple or strawberry picking at a local farm, visit a natural science museum, or go hiking, rafting, or kayaking at a nearby state park, it's important to keep your kids entertained and show them everything your new town has to offer. If they've met some new friends in your neighborhood or at school, encourage each child to bring a friend along on your outings.

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